Greatest love story in english june 2019

Greatest love story in english june 2019

Greatest love story in english june 2019, This love story is very old. The story of this love story is about 10 years ago now, in a village, Shyam’s name was a boy, he often used to go from his own work to another village. The same boy met a girl who met him. She liked that girl and she made this thought in her mind that we would marry after some time.

Greatest love story in english june 2019

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Greatest love story in english june 2019

But there is no place for these things in the customs of the village. They do not consider it as good, though both were not ready for the fact that they could not get married, they also knew that the villagers knew about this. But he will try to convince each other’s family that almost 3 months have passed since this happened


Shyam’s family was looking for a girl for him. Shyam knew about this if he did not do anything soon, his family would find a girl and get married to someone else, and everything was going on in that village too. In order to see the girl where she liked the girl for her, a family came from another village which she liked and went away

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The girl told Shyam that it was only today that some family members came to see me. Shyam also told this girl that the same thing is going on in my house too girl is being searched for me so that I Shyam said that we should do something soon, otherwise it will not be possible to do anything after this.


Shyam told this to his family members and when he heard it, he felt very bad because it was absolutely wrong to do so, Shyam has said that you do something so that it can happen but his family is ready to accept this. When the girl also talked to her family, her family members got her married the next day.

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When this address was known to Shyam, then he left the house and after that he never returned home. This story spread all over the village. But when it was done, nothing could be done. It is not necessary that everyone Love stores can be completed but we should work with our own mind and do not take any steps that should harm the family, and never take any decision in the hurry. Take decisions and make sure that someone does not have any trouble.

Greatest love story-2

Neha believed that a person should be very influential, clever, a little stupid and loving. He was waiting for his life to come to such a person. After meeting many people, my hopes had increased even more. Here are the beautiful beaches in Mumbai, surrounded by beauty as it is scattered. The sunset scene and the time passed was very good.


Looking at the sunset I did not feel lonely for a moment. In the morning, with his smile, we feel the warmth of noon in the hands of our hands. I remember the moment when we were traveling in the bus and I was sitting in the middle. I came to know who was sitting in my neighborhood when my friend closed the window to avoid sunlight.

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He smiled at me looking at me, even though I do not even like to look at strangers, but I did not know what was in the blissful smile that I even smiled in reply. Then he said hello I answered. After that the hours in the conversation passed such as we have known each other for many years. After a while the bus stopped and she landed down to roam.


My friend, hey, I am also with you. It does not matter to me that you have got more and more from strangers. I got to talk about my friend When he came back, deliberately I took my mouth in a book. Whenever he looked away from the book he would see that he was watching me. We got off the bus with the bus. He had to go to another colony of the same city. Phone numbers and home addresses were already exchanged. I had been feeling that he would definitely call this phone.


He called, again a lot of things happened and the cycle started. I did not even dream in my dream that during the journey, so many good people will be met. I did not even tell her name. His name is Rohit Rohit is a very good person, selfishness is not even in his mind. She is always ready to help others. He does not have time for himself but takes time out for others. Right now, when we are in Mumbai, he has been working on his computer and helping friends in trouble. Sometimes he awakens for others even during the night, but whenever he walks in the middle and strokes me with his hands in the middle, I feel that all the joys of life have come in my hands.

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I have got a full family but I have not seen the happiness of the family. His father was very good but he lost them very quickly. Mother could not even give love to her because she is suffering from mental illness. She also serves the mother. He has seen many difficulties in life and now I have supported him with his arms. Today, we have become engaged and we think that what would happen if there was no meeting on that day. Today we are in Mumbai and are very happy with each other. She does not want anything more, but I want to give her everything. In this way Neha did the last time I searched for my life partner.


Greatest love story-3

My name is Dinesh and I am a resident of Delhi. This story is my own. I am going to tell you today. The circumstances of my home were such that half of the house had to be rented and two folks coming to rent the house to look for luck. Both had flown and fell in college. Little was still in school. Due to having students, we gave them rent home early.


I used to be in college only in those days. Like any boy of that age, I also wanted to win the world. He was very excited to see his new neighbor but never got the courage to talk. It seemed that there was another boy in her life, in her life. He used to explain his mind repeatedly saying that man, he is bigger than you. Just look at her beauty, something like this. Gradually, I started to note the time of his coming to college. I try to open the main door only.

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This silicus continued for many days. So far, he also started to notice that I used to see him every day but he could not talk much. After a while, we started talking about more and I got closer to that. The hours would have talked to him and now I did not like to hear him about his boyfriend too. It was small, but I had no doubt that I have fallen in love with that girl.


So much so that today, even after 16 years, I think about it, then I am surrounded by a beautiful feeling. Days passed and then they came when we talked late night. One night in August, we were sitting on the terrace. It was raining very light that day and for some reason he was very sad. It seemed that his fight against Boyfriend was a fight. I was with him, we became sad because of his grief. Do not know when it happened that he just started talking about it.


It was very difficult for me to see him in this situation. He started crying on my shoulder and kept crying. Now it was only in my world. My life was without him now. It was my dream to get him and spend all his life with him. One day my house went out of town to attend a wedding. We both knew that we would surely meet that night. Then one day it came that he had to leave our house. At that time, I realized what I was losing. I tried a lot but I could not stop it. After that we never met. Today, even after 16 years, spent with that, the solution is the moment I remember such things as yesterday. Those days will never come back.

Greatest love story-4

This story is Suresh who loved Sonia. Both together used to be the same college I used to read. On that day, Sonia’s eyes suddenly fell on the letter written by Suresh who had been rotting between pages of a book for many years. This letter was the last letter to snap Suresh and Sonia’s love memories.

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In the days of college, it was a sign of love for both of them. Sonia had come out of the Principal Sahib’s office that suddenly Sainesh was drinking with his friends in front canteens. After seeing the new student, all the senior officers came to Sonia, the city of Mumbai was completely new to Sonia and people here too. She was completely nervous.


At that time there was Suresh who came as an angel. He scolded all the seniors and asked them to apologize to Sonia. From that day onwards, Suresh Sonia’s mind got angry. Slowly, the friendship between them started to grow. The distances started turning into close proximity and one day Sonia presented Suresh in front. Suresh also loved Sonia, she too accepted him with an open mind.


Time passed, and his love was flowing. The thing came even till marriage. Now Suresh was a manager in a company and his salary was also good. Sonia also taught high school students. Suddenly Suresh was transferred to the city of Delhi. Even after being away from Sonia, she used to come to Mumbai from Mumbai to meet her every month. They used to talk to each other over the telephone for two hours.

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But slowly, Sonia’s phones stopped coming. Whenever Suresh used to call the phone, either the phone was disconnected or the bells kept ringing for long periods of time. Due to Suresh being too busy, he could not go to Mumbai for four or five months. Later Suresh knew that Sonia and her family moved away from Mumbai and went somewhere. Suresh tried his best to know about Sonia. She met every friend of Sonia, every relative, but nobody knew where Sonia was.


This whole five years have passed. One day Suresh was out of office that a woman standing next to a balloon standing on the front street stood with her little child. Her son repeatedly insisted on buying balloons but she was refusing. Suresh felt the face of that woman something familiar. He did not want his car to take the other side of the road.


He tried to look at that woman, she was the woman and nobody was Sonia, and the child who had been insisting on buying a balloon from him for her was her only son. Suresh could not handle himself for one minute. Where Sonia was till now and when she got married, why did not she tell me? There were many questions which troubled Suresh. He slowly opened his car door and stood close to Sonia. But Sonia could not answer any of her questions, and after a while I waited for a while, Suresh walked on and Sonia stood alone on the road.


Greatest love story-5

You must have read many stories of love, but you have never read this story, there is strength in true love, those who love this know, love never dies, only then we all remember them even today, What is not with us today, this story is based on this matter, let us know today, what happened at that time, This story belongs to a village boy, who liked the girl in the other village, this boy also knew that he could never marry her, but then both loved each other very much. , This boy used to go to meet that girl, no one knew this thing,

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You guys know very well that this kind of love is not considered good in the village, but when there is love, no one can do anything; always in the village do marriages by looking at their own castes, Never did the villagers want anybody to love before marriage, but this boy and girl did not absorb anything,


When the boy was going to meet his friend, the boy’s father felt something like this that my boy is called every day, to find out that the boy’s father went behind his boy, The address was not at all, when his father saw that the boy had gone to meet a girl, he was very sad, because doing such a thing is not considered to be good at all, and is doing all this,


When the boy came home, his father asked, what are you doing in that village today, I have seen you meet the girl, when the boy listened to this, then now it was not right to hide anything, the boy did everything The father had told him, the boy’s father also knows that there can not be anything like this because the villagers will not accept this fact,


The boy’s father explained to his son that you should forget him, if anyone knows this, the matter will not be reduced, but it will increase, the boy also knew that his father loves him a lot, but now The talk had also gone ahead, the girl and the boy had understood the right to run away for the good of everyone, and one day both the girl and the boy had fled,

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After the departure of both of them, everything was discovered in a few days, when it came to know that their boy and girl had gone together, the hostility in both the families had started, now both families have no one Some people went by saying things, they both did good or bad, they were studying on this family, even today, this family is worried about this matter,


Friends, sometimes quick decisions make a problem for us, whose impact falls on the whole family, so whenever you make a decision, then decide only when you decide, what impact does one step away from you? Keep in mind,


Greatest love story-6

A boy liked a girl very much, but there is not much to be liked, many years have passed this thing today, that boy lived in a village, there is no such thing as love in the village, love is village I do not like, that boy met the girl every day, no one knew this, But after getting married, it is a great thing to be loved, everyone can do love, but get the floor of love, it is very rare, this boy lives in the same village even today, and go anywhere It can not, she did not get her own floor and there was no benefit from waiting too,


Let’s know why Rakesh’s boy is in the same village, and what has happened so far that everything is incomplete, Rakesh had made his love come true; in today’s world, love has remained only after becoming a word, but whatever They only know that they love him, Rakesh used to talk to the girl everyday for a long time, One day Rakesh said that when we both marry, we have been a long time, the time has passed, but both of us are not yet in the bondage of marriage, both knew that we might It will be fulfilled, but Rakesh said that we can do the trick, the girl said that our effort is also useless, both of us can not get married even if we want, both of them were passing through talks.

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One day Rakesh came to know that the girl has become sick, Rakesh also went to meet her, there were not many doctors in the village, who was a doctor, she treated the girl but the disease was not getting cured. It was almost ten days passed, the health of the girl became even worse, and one day the girl left the boy, that day Rakesh had become mad, after that she was never right Happened,


Even today, Rakesh revolves around the same village as a madman, nobody knows how he became mad, his incomplete story of love is still in the same village, but this story is just a story, This was known to Rakesh’s friend, Greatest love story in english june 2019, If you liked all this story then share it.

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