Three latest love story in english june 2019

Three latest love story in english june 2019

Three latest love story in english june 2019, It is a true saying that the two families always feuded, the reason for the fight was anything, because this family used to face each other face-to-face, sometimes they started fighting on anything, in which it lived in the Colony, if Anyone asking them to ask the family to quarrel, they could tell, could they ever tell, could anyone expect that so many such people could have ever lived together, no one would have ever considered this thing,

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Three latest love story in english june 2019

But it was done, one day in both families also came, so that their quarrel was not stopped, but it had ended, the matter was very cold when those days, Suresh was the son of another family, And Mohika was a girl from another family, used to like each other, but with the quarrel of a second family, both of them thought that getting married is a lot of trouble,

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Because if the family members obeyed each other, then this fight was the biggest problem, what could have been done, so marriage is a very distant thing, if both families come together then both of them will be late It will not be silent too, but what happened that the two families left the battle, you should have been thinking this too, we too had taken a lot of time, what happened like this, in both families,

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Let’s know, Suresh was single day in his own house, there was a marriage in his family village, everyone had gone there, he had studied Suresh, so he could not go, it was winter night, every evening as soon as the evening Used to go to the house, hardly anyone appeared outside, Mohika always used to talk to Suresh on the phone, both used to study in the same college, both of them were from the college days,


Even that night, Mohika was talking to the phone, it would be ten o’clock at night, all were preparing to sleep after eating food, only then two thieves had come on their roof, due to the cold they were difficult to see, Both thieves entered the room from the ceiling, and came to the house of Mohika, a voice came to Mohika, she saw that both the thieves had caught her parents, that Mohika was very scared, To Suresh,

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Two thieves have come in our house; they have caught Mother Dad, now what to do Suresh said that there is no need to do anything, now I come in, Suresh has gone alone to Mohika’s house, Suresh The house bell rang and said that many people have come here, you called us, today is a very important thing to talk about, and the decision of the matter will be till the morning too, some people are coming too, open the door very much Cold,


When the thief heard this, he started running away, he thought that a lot of people are coming here, the door was opened after the thief, today, because the thieves went away because of Suresh, today Suresh was feeling very good, The next day Suresh’s mother-dad had also come, Mohka’s mother-dad demanded apology from Suresh’s mother-dad, and the feud of both the families was over, both of them were also married for some time, friends trouble Everyone comes in but On should not panic, but should face,

Two latest love story in english june 2019

This is January 2017, it is quite cold in January and it is not visible even in the night. On that day when the night was coming back then the fog was shadowed on the road when it looked so far it felt like there was a standing, When it came near, saw that someone was waiting for the bus because it had not yet arrived and waiting for the night would be very difficult and if the wind is blowing, then it does just that soon Could be reached but what could be done if it was a problem

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It was then that you need some help. She said that the bus has not come very late, so waiting is not the sole reason for anybody’s trust and it is not at all what we do not know, but what if you have trouble Can have, He said yes to walk with us and we walked along so it was difficult to walk on the bike in such a cold and when the wind started, you yourself know how it was possible that almost fifty hours had passed and its stop came and He went off thanks

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We did not spend too much time with him and his stops had come and since then we have never met again till now that we may find it today, but it has not happened so much that something happens with his life. Is not much, Now I do not know when he meets again he says that the world is round, do not know when it will happen, if you have such a story then you can write us which we will publish very soon, and with all we share If you liked this story then please share it further and tell us also.


Three latest love story in english june 2019

The beginning of the story of this love happened when someone met with a trip to Jaipur from Jaipur to Delhi Bus. It was not known that a small meeting would bring a lot of grief afterwards, when the bus was coming, ie when the bus was coming from Jaipur to Delhi. At that time, the bus stopped at a stop, where you could have eaten everything, and stayed here for almost twenty minutes. Ashok and Pooja met in the same time both of them were coming back in Delhi and when it came to know Both of them live in Delhi

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At first, both of them were in separate seats but later both of them were sitting together. Pooja had visited some of his relatives here and Ashok went on with his company’s work and the journey was of considerable time. And Ashok’s time was cut

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Both of them reached Delhi and took number in each other, and then the talks started, it took a few months and one day Ashok said his talk to Pooja and also the people of the house of worship and Ashok’s marriage was done with worship, this small meeting came on a big decision and their words were fulfilled but not every time it happens that your every wish will be fulfilled. This small story is about someone you must tell us.

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