Two best love story novels june 2019

Two best love story novels june 2019

Two best love story novels june 2019, Both boys and girls used to meet every day and weave their dreams, when we get married, we will do this etc., but both of them knew that it was very difficult to get married, if such a thing happens in the village then that big problem It is because the village does not regard this thing as good; it is related to old customs, according to them, it is not a good thing, but what can be done, it is a day when that boy is Were to meet man of a village saw him and it was he told all villagers

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Two best love story novels june 2019

When this thing spread throughout the village, the parents of that boy were called and it was told that it is not doing good, your son, a boy can not live in this village who does such a thing, the boy’s parents He did not know this thing, even when he came to know that it was happening, he was very sad, all the villagers said that if this boy is here, then seeing this like this, all the villagers will do the same To boy Asked to stay out of the village for a month, if it gets better then it can come back to the village, and if it does not happen then it can not come here, the family members of the boy were also upset now, There could be a lot of confrontation with this matter,

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That’s why he sent his boy away from the village to his brother’s house, so that the matter could not grow further, the girl’s family also wanted to marry her, so that the problem would not be a big problem, if the boy walked from there But he used to think about the same every time, he could not put his mind there, The girl was married, the boy was not aware of this, the girl had now married and went to her house, the boy wondered what she would do that all the people would accept, because she did not know that Nothing could have happened now, the boy had gone out of his village from there on one night, when he was coming to the village, at that same time a very strong thunderstorm and rain were also on the horizon,

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A tree broke down on the head of the tree and the boy did not take it again, today it has been a lot of years, but some people say that even today that boy shows him, true love is probably still today, today Even the boy is waiting for him, if you liked this story then you can share this story and can also tell us by commenting


Two best love story novels june 2019

This story started with that lift, when every morning used to come down from the elevator, even during the summer it was met at nine o’clock every day, and when winter came, then used to ring ten, we do not know. One day she will be married to him, it does not happen in the story of every time, but this happened in our story, let’s go now, when did the beginning of the beginning,

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This is a lot of years ago, because now when I am bringing this story to you, it has been a lot of years now, when I was studying in the last year, that was also in the last year, but college It was different, so the boy was not cut off, only the time of the meeting was in the morning, we used to live on the seventh floor, and it was on the sixth floor, whenever the college time was there, we used to go down the elevator. If that was the meeting then


One day it was Sunday, the Sunday was also similar, because we used to stay busy day and night, used to work only on Sunday, because it was very difficult to meet day and day, we used to get many times on Sunday When the studies were completed, a job was found in a company, when the job was found, the relationships of marriage started to come, but there was no desire for marriage yet, the job was found now, and now the wedding seemed a bit weird ,

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After marriage, there is a lot of responsibility, and all that should be fulfilled, we should be fully prepared for it, so as far as possible, trying to keep the marriage away, it was a few months byte, When suddenly came home from Job, saw that the father of that girl was sitting at home, seeing him, it seemed like he had brought a complaint, or he would have seen us, that’s what was going on in the mind. too late Until we were sitting here, When she left, I was not even daring, that my parents should be asked why she had come, we did not know at all why she had come, why she came in the next morning The office had gone out, thinking that what he had said, two days later my mother told me that after some days I got married, so I started feeling very scared,

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Because I had already refused, now I had fixed my marriage without asking, he had also fixed the marriage date, the date of marriage was next month, now it was not right to say anything, now in What will I reply to that girl, that has become my marriage, I called that girl and she also said that my marriage has been fixed, now nothing was understood, what is all this happening, When marriage date came closer, we decided to meet, we both met on our roof and all this talked about what all this is happening. Our marriage is the next month, and we both do not know how our marriage is It is happening, when our parents also came to the terrace, when they came, we both were very scared,

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Because they had seen us together, they gave us the card of marriage, we had written the names of both of them on the card, we were frightened and even happy seeing that, when the girl’s father had come home on that day, So they came to talk about this because they had seen us with each other, so both of them should be married, so they did not tell us, when we are good with them then we are happy, our love story A true story,

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