Two latest love story in english 2019

Two latest love story in english 2019

Two latest love story in english 2019, The beginning of the story of this love happened when someone met with a trip to Jaipur from Jaipur to Delhi Bus. It was not known that a small meeting would bring a lot of grief afterwards, when the bus was coming, ie when the bus was coming from Jaipur to Delhi.

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Two latest love story in english 2019

At that time, the bus stopped at a stop, where you could have eaten everything, and stayed here for almost twenty minutes. Ashok and Pooja met in the same time both of them were coming back in Delhi and when it came to know Both of them live in Delhi, At first, both of them were in separate seats but later both of them were sitting together. Pooja had visited some of his relatives here and Ashok went on with his company’s work and the journey was of considerable time. And Ashok’s time was cut

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Both of them reached Delhi and took number in each other, and then the talks started, there was a few months later, Ashok said one thing to Pooja and the house of the worshipers also agreed and Ashok’s marriage was done with worship. This small meeting came on a big decision and their talk was fulfilled but it is not so every time that your wishes will be fulfilled. You can tell this little story that you have told us.


Second Love Story Monday

One day I was working in the office that suddenly the phone rang and I picked up the phone and said hello, I want to meet you in the voice from the front, you will be free till five, I said yes. I was in the office till 5:30. He said that you will come to you by five o’clock in the morning, maybe there is a fruit bar that a girl is coming to meet me, but I do not even know him.

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Perhaps this moment is coming for the first time in life. So I quickly started to settle my work quickly, and called the peon and gave some money and said that at five o’clock bring two cold and some biscuits. Ok sir and the peon went away. After a while, Sharma came with some files and said, sign on them, there are some panning bills and some payment is also to be given. I signed it all in a hurry and said that if there is any other work, then tell that too quickly, Sharma did not say that at the moment, this is the bus. I was just waiting for that moment to be completed at five o’clock.

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After the work was seen at the clock then it was four and a half hours, and my eyesight was on that path, someone is going to come. I do not know who he is and how it is. It was five o’clock and now the time was about to arrive, There was waiting for that moment and five o’clock were there on the way, there was no one on the road, now the anger was coming that no longer was there any glance at five o’clock on the other side, even a peon came, sir la au cold, do not wait He left now.

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At five o’clock and the anger reached its peak. This is no joke. I have been sitting in this place waiting for him. I do not know how many thoughts were coming to mind, all the people were going out of the office and thinking that now wait for the night to wait in the waiting room.Some sounds started coming up on the stairs, it seemed like someone was coming up. Now the time was about five and a half,

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Sorry, he was lying in the head and seeing me, I felt that in the whole world there was hardly anybody like him, then he kept looking at him and the anger became as if he had been charming. I asked him to sit down and asked to drink cold and the eye was not removed from that face. It was just like I was watching it. In the entire office, such a scent was spreading, my mind was kissing to know which of these flowers could be the fragrance of the flower.

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I have come to meet you in the head, writing a novel, I am not writing authors like you, but I am kissing them. Let’s write something better. You need some help in it. Yes, I will fully assist you. The work of the talk went on and the water went on my mind, when she said that there is a marriage purusha and a baby girl.Probably in the wrong thoughts was dipped in. It was also time to talk about it, now it was seven in the clock. Perhaps the time had gone too much. On this he said that now I should walk and it is too late.

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 I said how you will go, you just drop down to the stand or you will go, she said that she will go in, then she just went to stand and went and walked in the house for your sadness in the … maybe some The moment comes in such a way as to leave your mark. And life keeps moving. Friends, if you like it, then do the shares ahead.

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