Arrogant Crow, story for children with moral

story for children with moral

story for children with moral

Arrogant crow

story for children with moral, crow story, Once upon a time, there was a Rich Man in a city. He was very kind and worshiped in worship. He had five sons who were very young when his son used to eat, then whatever he had left in his plate give him a crow.


Used to give crow became very good at eating his left food and was getting fat fresh and seemed to boast about himself that I was the most powerful bird and the rest of the birds thought that he was too small and used to make fun of them.


I get to eat a lot of good food every day. It is a day’s talk that some laughs came along the side of a pond; he used to fly very fast. He began to laugh at them and said, the one who is the fastest of you, race me. I will beat him.

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The head of the swan said that we will not race you and ours, but do not take a crow, because the four sons of Seth had offered them that there is no other bird better flying than you.

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That is why the crow started to make fun of the head of the swan. Hey, you lost, you do not want to fly with me. After hearing the crows of the crows, the crows of others started joking about those swans. You do not think of me like this. Know arts

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The head of the swan said that as you fly, I get the same art of flying. I will fly from the same place. Both of them have raced in. Both of them started flying from the side of the pond and the swans were flying slowly

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but crows were all He used to force the flyer in a new way, sometimes he was showing the swan, how much it would fly, gradually the crows got tired and the swan started flying at its own pace

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The crows began to fly very slowly. Hans said what has become tired. Now where did you go? All your flying arts began to move forward from the ocean, but all the strengths of the crows began to weaken, their wings were not flying.

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He started moving down towards the sea. Now he realized that he had done a wrong race with a swan. He started saying to me, save me. I did not know who I was fighting with. The crows of the crows gradually with the water of the sea Hans started to meet him, pity him and he placed him on his back and left it on the other side of the sea.

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story for children with moral, crow story, Where do you show your art here and be alone, if everybody becomes virtuous by wearing good food, then today, all things are virtuous, neither they come from eating anybody’s good food or any other person.


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  1. Alisha

    Very interesting story is it…..the arrogant crow..

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