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king stories in english | English story

king stories in English, English story, This story is a vicious thief, this thief was very seething. It is said that there was no thief like this thief, the thing is very old-fashioned, when the thief steals whenever the people never knew. The people were afraid that the thieves did not steal us here,

king stories in English, English story

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king stories in english

Story of king and thief, King stories in English

King stories in English, the thief thought that he had stolen a lot in the village now why he should be stolen in the capital, because if he does not steal in the capital then who will know? And, thinking of how he would be the same – now he plans to steal in the capital, (King stories in English)


Earlier, the thief went to the capital and rounded the entire city, and decided that the theft should be initiated with the king’s palace, but when the thief of the palace took a look, then the palace is surrounded by the soldiers and without sight None of the survivors can go inside, there was a clock in the king’s palace, which used to sound every hour, (king stories in English)


Now the thief thought that if he did not steal, then he would know the angle and how would he be known and how the thief kept thinking all night how to steal, thinking the whole night, the thief would have to work and make a plan. There is a thing in his mind that there is a clock on the wall which can be used, so the thief thought that, yes it can be done,

King’s thinking story

When the night was over, the thief went to steal and the wall clock gave the voice at twelve o’clock in the night, and at the same time the thief gave a banana in the wall of the nail, and on every hour the thieves attacked the nails, and along with the fort Went to the wall, went to the castle, after reaching the place where he had kept the treasure and stole the hero from them and after stealing, the thief escaped from him, (king stories in English)


Yes, the treasure was kept, he reached it and stole the hero from them and after stealing, the thief ran away from him, When morning came, the king saw that diamonds were found in his treasury and the king was very angry to see that he was stolen even after being so guarded, the king called his minister and reported this and he When you can be stolen in our castle, then what will happen to the common man and if this talk fails in the city then what will the king’s King’s party be like,

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On this, the king ordered the minister that if any person appears at night, then he should be brought to the king and the number of the soldiers should also be duplicated and the entire state should be kept in full view,

King’s disease Story

Now this thing is known to the thief that now it has been guarded and hardened and a thief is being searched for, the thief made a plan and made the form of a monk that the thief went to the wife of every soldier. And said if the husband would catch the thief, then the king would reward his husband and also increase his post. On this, the soldier’s wife said that what must be done for this is King, the thief said that when a thief comes.

Merciful King

So you prepare the oil in a bowl and prepare the lentils and thieves on the thief. This thief will be caught in this way. Now the thief told every soldier of the soldiers whose soldiers had gone out of the night tonight, now all the wait for the thief Whenever a thief came, he would catch it. It was not reported to any soldier, the soldiers were waiting for four o’clock in the morning, and the soldiers were now thinking that the thief would not come and think of it. All the soldiers went towards the house and while waiting for the thief, his wife was ready that whenever a thief came, he would catch it,

Stingy Goldsmith

As soon as all the soldiers came, his wife gave a warm oil to everyone, and in this way they took her husband as a thief and when she came to know that she was all her husband, she grew sad and all the soldiers were taken for treatment. The king was also very upset that he called soldier to find out what all this was happening in his state and ordered that this case should be thoroughly investigated and the thief should be arrested quickly,

Village of Bhola

When soldier was walking across the city, a voice came from a street and thieved in it, soldier said, “Why are you kidding and if you do so again, I will stop you, the thief said that in He is the thief, soldier said that he is shutting you down, the thief said that you will stop telling me, he said that he will lock it in a room and lock it from the outside, (king stories in English)


This one will also open if the lock thief said, soldier said that it is very strong, no one can open it, the thief said you go inside and see how the show Who can open a Also, this lock was soldier, believing that it was a joke, and as soon as the soldier went inside, the thief locked him out and said that if he had told you that he is the thief in it, but you will agree No, and then the thief he walk Done.

Arrogant crow

soldier remained unconscious in the room all night, and when the soldier saw him, he was also taken for treatment, even if the king came to know about this, the king was very upset and said that today I will monitor myself and See how the thieves will survive now, the king said this, the thief was standing and listening to all these things and he thought that I will be making a monk in tonight,


The thief made the form of a monk and started burning fire under a tree, when the king turned around the city and saw the monk sitting on it and asked if you saw someone going by this, the thief said that he He is happy in his own mind and if there is any passage from him, then he does not know, (king stories in English)


On this, the thief said that why do not you sit with me and if there is any passage from it then you will see it and you will catch it. By hearing this, a plan came in the mind of the king, why not sit in a monk And this monk should make my life round the city, The king said that you make the rounds of the city and sit in your place, after a long time the thief agreed,


The two changed their clothes and sat on the Thief king’s horse and went to the palace and after reaching the palace, the thief went to the king’s bed and fell asleep, while the king was waiting for the thief sitting in such a cold, King She was feeling very cold, while the thief was sleeping with great pleasure, It was too late that no man also saw a robber and a thief, the king thought that now it is at four o’clock in the morning and it does not seem that now thieves will come. The king decided to go to his palace, thinking of this, and Castle and walk. (king stories in English)


As soon as the king began to roam in the palace, the soldiers captured the king, the king made a lot of noise but the soldier did not listen to any of his words and also heard because the king had already arrived in his eyes, the king was captured in jail. When the king wakes up when he sleeps, the thief will decide. A soldier who recognized the king recognized the king and apologized to the king, forgive us, we did not recognize you, and then the king was left there, and the thief saw that the thief got into the king’s clothes from the thief Go. (king stories in English)


The king asked why the soldier had caught him, the soldier said that a king in your nourishment takes you to bed, when the king heard this, he came to know that he was the thief whom we were searching for, now King King Tired of the way and it came to understand that catching the thief was not easy, it was announced that the thief should come in front of himself,

king stories in English, English story, He will not be punished if he comes in front of him, but he will be rewarded and rewarded. On hearing this, the thief came in front of the king and said that he is a thief in King and all the king’s diamonds, the king’s clothes etc. all the same King Were returned and the king forgave him and gave a village reward and also promised to never steal, the thief promised to not steal it and the thief continued to remain intriguing and he never stolen.

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