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king stories for kids

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king stories for kids

Merciful King

king stories for kids, king short stories, There was a king, the king was very merciful. The king used to help everybody and everyone gave it all equally according to need. It was this that the king was very intelligent and pleased with the work of the king, God appeared to the king one day and said that Ask for whatever.


The king asked for only one thing. That’s right, God, give me that thing, so that all my life will be successful, God said that I give you an elephant on which you can ride on any kingdom of any kingdom with ease Beat and it is very powerful and according to you it can win any of you from this king


But hearing this, the king said that God does not want me, then God said that I give you such a thing which by touching you can create a lot of pose, make diamonds and gems and do all this. You can also do good to the public.

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But the king also refused for this thing. Then God said that now you should tell me what I should give you so that you can live happily throughout life, listening to God’s words, the king said that you should just give me a tree on which The fruits seem to be fruitful and those fruits also benefit others.

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And by eating the fruit of the tree, the boasting of every human being ends and every person has a feeling of compassion and I want to see that tree grow with its eyes, God said that I know that you are very kind and wise That’s why you asked for this thing.

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When all people are engaged in demanding the other thing that we give diamonds, pearls, jewels, rupees, money or give any state, but you have not asked for any such thing from your life.

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king stories for kids, king short stories, I will give you a tree which will be fruitful and you will be able to do good to others, and by giving that tree to the lord, the Lord becomes distraught and the King keeps sharing the tree and sharing his happiness throughout life.


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