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english story reading

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english story reading

King’s disease

english story reading, story of king, One day, the king suddenly fell ill and his health began to get worse, the minister showed the legal person, then he began to say that if I tell the king directly, then the king will be upset that I may also hear the punishment.


The minister said that what is the matter is that the legal person said that they have no problem but they do not work at all because of which many diseases are causing their body, because when our body is not taken.


Then he starts to fall sick gradually, if you tell the king that he should work, then the king will not accept this, even then you will not have to think of such a plan so that the king’s illness can be cured.


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Then the minister thought a solution to the minister who went to the king and said, ‘Maharaj ji can treat your disease when you will wear clothes of a diligent person, then the king said that if I wear the clothes then I will be fine then minister Said yes yes if you do that.

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Then the king ordered that only the hardworking man’s clothes could be brought to me, but if he could not find the clothes, then the king himself came out to find clothes when he left.


A farmer working in a farm appeared, after seeing the farmer, realized that this was the most industrious person, he went to the farmer and said that you are the most industrious person, the farmer said that yes, I used to cultivate from morning to evening. I go home and sleep in the evening and I get a great sleep.


And I am very happy then, King asked if you are sick, then he said that yes, sometimes I do but I am not always sick. Then the king saw that it was full of sweat and clothes on it too Is not it and this is just wearing a pajama.


Then the king came to understand that if we work hard then the sickness does not even come to us. If our body keeps running then we are always good. Since then the king has taken away many things from his own body Started.

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english story reading, story of king, The King started to recover slowly so friends should always work with us from our body as much as we will work, the better and the better.

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