Village of Bhola, little story in english

little story in english

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little story in english

Village of Bhola

little story in english, english story, This story is of a Bhola name. Bhola lived in a village. Bhola’s family was just naïve, who alone lived in his own cottage, Bhola used to work for others for his livelihood.


The person who used to take Bhola would have done his work. Bhola had no other relatives. Bhola was his life alone. Bhola was as naive as his own name, he used to accept anything from anyone’s comfort. Bhola was true and very good in his mind Bhola’s temperament was so simple that any person could make his idiotic comfortably


One day, two thieves came to the village, they went to a Seth room to steal and Bhola looked at them. When Bhola saw the thieves, seeing the thieves, he started shouting that the thieves have come here thieves have come thieves Hearing the voice of Bhola, the thief escaped from there and kept yelling


So some of the villages gathered there and said that where the thieves were, Bhola started saying that the thieves were big in that Seth’s room when people went to Seth’s room, there was no thief there but the goods were scattered here and there. Now everyone felt that it was not so that the naive did not steal, he was putting names of others


Everybody began to suspect that Bhola is a thief and in this way Bhola was evicted from the village when Bhola was evacuated from the village, Bhola was going through a forest and there was a hut in front of which Bhola was seen A sage Maharaj sat inside the cottage


When Bhola told Sadhu Maharaj the whole thing, then the sadhu Maharaj said that you are very good in the mind. In this same case there is no leela of God hidden so you were removed from there. After some days, there will be sudden famine in that village.


A very fatal disease took place in that village, where all the people started getting sick, when Sadhu Maharaj was passing towards that village, he saw that this village is completely ill with the disease, then sadhu Maharaj will remember the Bhola.


Bhola was also removed from this village. Now Sadhu Maharaj understood that God loves Bhola very much, so that Bhola was fired from there and he was not even victimized that disease, then Sadhu Maharaj came to his cottage and Bhola Told me that.

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little story in english, english story, You have been sent here like this in which God has a favor and you escaped from that terrible disease, thus friends learn from this story that if you show your work as a whole loyal and show honesty then God Always live with you.

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