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story short english

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story short english

Stingy goldsmith Story

story short english, english story, In a village there was a goldsmith, he had a lot of money and there was a store of gold silver jewelry, but he was so stingy that he used to spend his money only when he needed it.


Once he thought that I had so much money, if some thief had stolen it and he took it, then what would I do? Then he got a remedy. He bought a very big diamond by selling all his. He pressed the diamond under the floor in his garden outside the house and saw that diamond every morning and then pressing it in the ground,


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the goldsmith was very happy. He thought that now I have all the money in one place and no one can steal it can.

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He had a servant who kept an eye on him where he had pressed the diamond. One day when the goldsmith was sleeping then pick up his servant and remove the diamond from the ground and flee from there like a horn from the head of a cow, Went and went to the garden to see the diamond.

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So he dug the soil there and saw his hands feet become cold. He saw that there was no diamond, he started crying loudly. He heard a cry of crying came to a neighbor. What happened?

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The goldsmith told him all the things Neighbors raised a stone and gave it to him and said, Take this, your diamond goldsmith said that you are crazy what the neighbor said when you used to do not use some of them just watch it.

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story short english, english story, So consider this stone as a diamond. If you see someone in the morning, that which can not be of any use to us, then it is like a stone for us. The goldsmith has regretted her mistake and she started crying loudly.

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