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story king

King’s thinking story

story king, story of king, Once the king told his minister that our state is very happy, no one is coming up with his problem, this also improves our system, but the minister was not feeling that any problem There is no problem at all,


The minister went to the state by changing the dress  and wanted to know what was the reason but no reason was shown, no one was aware of anything, Then the minister saw that there was a lot of crowd in front of the court and the minister was in costume and nobody came to know him and he even started asking for the court to go, on this, the present court on that said that to give you something to go inside But the minister said that I do not have anything


Then the court said that if you can not go in, then the minister understood the whole thing and he went back and the music was going on in the court the next day, the minister came to go to the court taking the same and singing some songs. I have done a very famous music and I have been in many countries,

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Even Darbario said that you have to give something to go in. The minister said that now I do not have anything but when I sing with music, then I definitely get reward, by winning these in, I will give half of the share, as much as you take from it, I will give you in more than that,

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The court accepted the court and the minister went inside and the program of music started and as was said by the minister, it was so beautiful that the minister made all the court officials happy and thought that today’s reward will be taken only We will get half of it,

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When the music ended, the king was very pleased and said that what you want in the reward, the minister asked for a hundred whipping in his reward, the king did not understand then you will have to Why are you demanding.

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The minister said that when I was coming in, I asked for some goods to come in. If I could come in, then I said that whatever reward I will get in them, I will give them and fifty whipping are entitled to that person who is everyone Someone asks for something to come in and the complaint goes home only from outside,

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Upon hearing this, the king thought that this is not a common person, then the minister introduced himself and all the guards were called in and he was punished and he should not have been ahead of such warnings were left to listen,


story king, story of king, The king praised his minister and said that there was no better way to explain to him, then the king heard all the prayers and diagnosed his problem.


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    very nice story and very meaningful

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