Ghost of Office No. 383, true scary stories

True scary stories

Ghost of Office No. 383

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true scary stories

true scary stories, This is the time when I left my old office and shifted to my new office. My property was the dealer’s business. From where I had changed my office, she was very small,


I used to face difficulties in handling the people over there. So I bought this big office for myself by selling it. My name is Suresh Mittal and I live with my family in Pune. I bought this office from the property dealer I had not told anything about it. What happened in the past. So I had bought this office without thinking of anything.


Now I am going to tell you that this office is happening with me every day. This is the point of the day when I get around 9.30 mornings from my house everyday. The distance to my house and office is about five kilometers. Therefore, if I lie down at night then it does not matter much. One day, when I got out of the house, I saw a girl standing outside my house, who was crying a lot. Nobody was standing around him, but he was still watching such as he was standing there and he was talking about that.

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I got out of it because I was lying down for office. As soon as I reached the office, I saw the same girl standing outside of my house. I thought I fell down, and started thinking that this is the same child, which I found standing outside my house today. If this is him then how can he come here so soon. As soon as I landed by my car, he disappeared from my home. Then I forgot it as the heart of my mind. But when he once saw me sitting on the sofa in my office again, my mind got worse and I asked the person who worked in my office, Did you go to this girl who is sitting on the couch? So he said, ‘Sir, to whom, I said this girl who is here.

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He said, “Why are you joking with me, there is no one here.” The office is just me and you. I said stupid she is sitting on the couch “I got up and said” here. He said, sir, you are not feeling well now, so you are feeling very frustrated and you are thinking about it here and there. Then as soon as I looked again, that girl had disappeared from there. I returned to my house early that day and told my wife Nirmala about this whole thing today. So he said that you get tired due to work and you start thinking about it here and there is nothing.

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That night I slept after eating food and then I dreamed I saw the same child which I had seen the day. I got up and at night I could not sleep again. I was having trouble all night. The next day I went to a Baba and told him all these things and took him to his office, then that Baba said that the land where your office is on, had a house earlier. And someone who lived in that house, mother and daughter, had murdered him. These souls are both of them. I said, Baba, why is this visible to me? Where is Baba as your office on this land, so both of them are visible to you.

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true scary stories, Baba said that there is no need to panic you, this will not harm you. Both of them are wandering because of their death due to the famine, and their liberation is not available because of their inner peace. So I asked Baba for the peace of these two people, then he told me that they would have to worship the pooja only if they would get liberation, and then I taught them the peace of the soul of these two, then leaving their souls free Found and I was able to breathe the chain. Since then, I have never had any problems.

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