True horror stories in english

True horror stories in english

There is nothing strange about us, we think, but nothing is done, so we should do some remedies along with thinking,That is why we should know the whole thing, then we should make a decision in life. you will like this horror stories in english,

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horror stories in english

(horror stories in english) This is a long time ago, a man lived in a village, he always used to help others, one man was working in his farm, when he saw his farm tree moving very fast, outside There was no wind on seeing, yet the tree was moving very fast, it was not known why it was happening,


When the man went to the tree, he had stopped moving, he tried a lot but he could not see anybody, he did not know at all who is there, when he came home in the evening, that thing Everyone told, but nobody was convinced of that, but it was the public that there is something that he is not aware of,


The next day he went to work on the farm again, when the sunlight had risen, his eyes were on that tree, the tree was moving very fast again, now the man went to that tree and started seeing it It is not sitting on the tree, but he was not able to see it, because if anyone was there, when there is no one, then how will he show,


But this time the man said that if anyone is there then come out, why are you scared me by shaking the tree, but no one was there now the movement of the tree had stopped, the man seemed to be somewhat strange, Why is it happening every day, man went to see during the night that no one comes here in the night, when he came to the tree, he saw that the tree was coming out from the tree, he was scared to see it. ,


He went to his house and told everyone this story, it was like this when everyone came and saw that the tree was cut in the next morning, after that there was no such incident after that, even today Many years have passed, but he still thinks of who was there who had never shown me,


This thing was never known to him, but one thing was definitely done, the same plant was coming out again at that place, which used to be the first tree ever, even today the plant shakes in the same way and at night it is He also gives light, that person cut him off, but nobody knew what the matter was, The man never thought that why this would happen, he used to think only about removing his problem, we can not solve anybody till we know the matter, so firstly know If you do so,

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