The swimming pool ghost story in english

 Ghost story in english

The swimming pool

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ghost story in english

ghost story in english, true ghost stories, You will hear that the ghosts are ghosts and they are not, both of them are right in their own right. Because some people believe and do not believe in anything. Some believe or not, but I believe there are ghosts and ghosts.


I have seen myself being such hypothetical things, that I had to accept these statements. One such thing happened with me today that I am going to tell you people. My name is Sunil Kumar and I am a resident of Hyderabad. I am doing marketing jobs, so I have to go out of the city often from my work. This thing also happened when I went out of the city from the work of my company.


By the way, I mostly go to Mumbai, but this time I went to Mumbai but not from Mumbai. I booked a room in a hotel. I went straight from the flight and went to sleep and soon I slept because the night was very much and I had to go to Morning also from the company’s work.

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I remember very well that at around 1.30 am I heard the voice of someone crying. The voice seemed like a woman. I thought maybe someone is upset and no one can hear her voice, perhaps because no one has come to help her so far.

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So I immediately got up and down from the balcony and started seeing that the voice is coming from and who is crying. So I saw a girl near Swimming Pool, who was alone and crying, no one was sitting beside him. So I landed down and as soon as I started to visit him to ask him what I saw, that girl is not there at all. I looked around and I did not see anything. I thought maybe even before my arrival, she would have gone to her room. I had to raise the side of the room, that I started crying again.

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Now the voice was coming from inside and outside the swimming pool. As soon as I bowed to the cover, one caught hold of my mouth and pulled someone inside the pool. I started feeling so much trouble coming out of nervousness, but whatever was there, he was pushing me inside.

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I saw the water that someone has caught my foot and he was also watching me, yes, he was a ghost of a woman who wanted to kill me. I tried my best to come out of the pool. Hearing this jerk, I came to the hotel’s concierge pool and saved me from that witch. I jumped the concierge pool and got me out of the pool.

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ghost story in english, true ghost stories, He said Sir how did you fall in the pool, then I told him the complete sentence that I had with him. Then he said to me, Sir, it is right that the person who pulled you into the pool I was, he was a soul. That woman had committed suicide by jumping from the 10th floor of our hotel and falling in the pool. Since then, his soul is still wandering in our hotel and at the guest hotel pool at night he kills him. This is a true event with me, friends, who I shared with you. Therefore, whenever there is any hotel alone, caution happens.

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