Brahman small story, english story

Brahman small story

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small story, english story, There was a Brahman in a village but this Brahman was very lazy. He did not do any work, though he had no shortage of food. He had so much land that he could have grown up in it.


His wife was very worried about the fact that Brahmans did not do anything, all the people of the village used to go to work on their own in the morning, but the Brahman used to take their bath and rest, but the Brahman was a very good man. Because of his laziness, he did not do any work that he thought would do some work.


One day, a sadhu Maharaj came to the Brahmin’s house; Brahmans saw Sadhu Maharaj; he was very happy to see his devotional sadhu Maharaj’s devotion and said that I will definitely give you whatever you want to demand.

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Brahman remembered that if he found a person who would do all his work, he would be very happy. Sadhu Maharaj said that he will give you a man when he can do all your work but take care of one thing. That guy can not sit empty.

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That is why you should have so much work to do that you must give the second job after one work, listen to the matter of Brahmin Sadhu ji and say that give me a man who can do all my work. Maharaj ji with his powers such a monster Gave all that could work.
The Brahman feared him and started thinking that it is a monster, not a man, that he can do all your work but it does not like to sit down empty. You have to give a job after another work, definitely it can do all your work. Sadhu  Maharaj could leave the monster there and leave from there.

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Brahman thought and said, what is the work after that the demon appeared, said to tell what is to be done. Brahman said that go get water in the fields then the monsters disappeared from there and went to give water to the fields Brahman then rested After a while, the monster came back and appeared like a Brahman saying that I have completed more work.

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Brahmin started thinking that what can be given to the work, then Brahmin said that whatever work is left, we will do tomorrow. Now you go to rest but now he said that I need work if you have not given me any other work then I eat you When you hear about that monster, you got frightened and started thinking and then remembered that.

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If you want to get the farm, then go and get the farm. The monster went from there after listening to that work and the Brahmin told his wife that this excuse will pass this whole night and on the farm land and it will also get work, then his wife is a bit Smiling and nice that let’s work.

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Then the night was over and the Brahmins sat at their place for food and as soon as they began to eat, the monster came immediately there and now the Brahmin became alarmed and the work that was given was complete, you felt completely afraid of the Brahmin What do I do at night, his wife has an idea, and she said, can I give a demon to work.


Brahman said that yes, let me tell you the work from which it will be done in your work. The wife of the Brahman said that go and go and ask the dog directly, and go straight from the monastery and go away from there, the Brahman started thinking that This work will come in handy,


What will we do then his wife said that if you do not laziness then all our work will be done. You have called the monster and the trouble started to grow.


If I used to work today, then it would never have been so, then Brahmin said, how to get rid of the monster, his wife said that we have given him the job that he can not keep the whole life right because no man is dog tailed Can not straighten.


If you did your work on your own, it would not have happened and it felt that yes, we should do our own work ourselves. We should not do our work any more, but we should do it ourselves. The dog was starting to correct the dog’s tail.
If Brahman was ready to go to his work then he told the monster that finish the job quickly and then I will definitely give you another job, but the monster could not finish that work, and Abraham started to work on his work and Brahman would now be lazy. Did not even come.

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small story, english story, This story teaches that if we do our own work, it would be better if we can do our work better, we should not let our work be done to others.

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