Rainy Weather, simple english story

simple english story

Rainy Weather

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simple english story

simple english story, There was rainy weather, wind was blowing all around, it was also getting rains. Nothing was visible, when the weather was bad, should never go out. Now you have come out, what can you do now,


what can you say But the market came out to bring the curry that suddenly the rains started, who knew who would rush so much, the weather would not even know, it is not right to say anything,


Today the wife has to eat potato’s potato potatoes, even when it is not known at home, they should be arranged beforehand, it should not be so that if you come to mind then bring it now. No one knows of this that the weather When it gets worse,

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Standing in a small shop, and waiting for a while, when the rain is closed or reduced, as soon as it will be reduced, the rain becomes light after a while, then Shyam becomes red, then there comes a cycling and Shyam Red spruce splashes on the clothes

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Shyam Lal says that you do not see me make my clothes even dirty, Shyam Lal asks bicycling, but Shyam Lal says that asking for apology will my clothes get cured

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Saying this, Shyam Lal goes from there, Shyam thinks in the red mind, why not come out today, if he does not come out in the house, he enjoys the rain and then goes home. The wife says seeing the potatoes Had gone or bath in the rain,

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simple english story, Shyam Lal does not say anything and goes inside. The wife says what to eat today will make a vegetable, Shyam Lal says, Make anything and hurry everything, because light will not come today, friends, all of us have the same life. If you liked this story then please share it further and also tell us,

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