She does not like me real love story 2019

She doesn’t like me real love story 2019

She does not like the story of love,Today I went to meet him, but he was not ready to meet me, I do not know what he thinks in his heart, but I have to talk to him about this, he does not know why he refused every meeting I do not have the right thing, I have to meet him,

She doesn’t like me real love story 2019

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She doesn’t like me real love story 2019

He was talking to his friend about this, his friend asked why you are feeling the need to meet him, he told that I love him so much, I want to meet you because of this, I had hidden this thing from you His friend said that you should not have done this, you should have told me everything, but you are not ready to tell anything, you hide things every time, After which I did not feel good after that he said that you do not have to be angry, I did not tell you because, I didn’t even know about this, I had asked myself, is it going on right? Although, I did not talk to that girl yet, what is going on in her mind, I do not know this thing, I went to know everything from her, but she is not listening to me,  What can I do, I do not know anything, only then his friend explained that you have to talk to him,


Only then will you know the truth I always feel that you do good but I do not understand anything since my mind has talked that I have fallen in love with him, since then my mind is not anywhere It seems, I do not like to do any work, I do not like it, that is why I want to talk to the girl, but she does not give any answer to my point unless I know everything. I good That you will have to meet him and tell the whole thing will not be able too, his friends said,


By the time you do not know the truth, you should not make any decision, hearing this, he started saying that I will go to him today and ask him, he went to meet him, when he saw that he got out of his house Only then he was going after him, so that he could talk to him, when he reached near, he said that I have to talk to you, so the girl said that I do not want to talk to you and you  I should not come back, the boy said that till I do not talk, I will not know anything, only then the girl said that you should talk and think,


 He stops for some time and says that what you have to say, say fast, go home, that boy says that I love you so much, and I want to know from you that you love me Yes, then the girl refuses, and says that I do not like all these things, so you should not come after me, now you may have got the answer, so now I do not have to talk to you anymore. It is, the boy gets frustrated and goes, because he has come to know that the girl does not love him, he goes to his friend and says that he refused me, I had asked him, But she said that she doesn’t love me,


When his friend hears these things, he gets into thinking, he explains to his friend that there are things in life which we do not even know about which sometimes things are happening in life. We have never imagined, therefore, in life you should always move on thinking, unless you think you will not know anything, if you do not ask me, then you will go very far. And after that you probably can not handle yourself, so change your life, because your life is everything if you work well then there can be a lot in life, nothing in all these things You’ve got to forget these things

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After that, his friend tries to forget all things because there is no other way before him, forgetting all these things was not easy, but he can understand that, unless he forgets these things, then Until he can not move forward in life, it will always happen in front of him and he will go astray in the way of life, so he was walking on the path of his friend and gradually changing his life. Security

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If there is such a problem in front of you in life then you should pay attention to your life and there should be new ways to move forward in life and forget all the things which can have a bad effect on this life, life It is very precious, we should put it in good work, which can be very good in the coming time of life, it is also very necessary to serve others, it is very good for us. All decisions of life should be taken very well, She doesn’t like me real love story 2019, if you have liked this story then tell us to share it further by commenting.

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