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My brother’s short story in english, He still did not come home. My brother does not listen to anyone. He does all the work on his own wish. He feels that whatever he does is right, but it is not that there is a great difference in his understanding. It does not understand all the things right now, so sometimes it happens that he gets into trouble and can not think,

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My brother’s short story in english june 2019

My brother’s short story in english, because of which I think that whatever he wants is right, at home today. All of her The person who was waiting too did not even come to know. What had happened to him had happened in the evening. He should have come. It must have been enough time for my brother to come from the college but why hasn’t he reached the house yet? Worried about the matter, they did not understand anything about what to do about it. (My brother’s short story in english)

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Why doesn’t he listen to anyone? The night was about to happen Dad was very angry, he felt that if he does not improve today, then he will not be able to improve in life anymore. Today must talk about this because it is not so. That he would not listen to anybody. It was night. Now he did not come. Then the door is knocked on. Maybe my brother has come. This time Father opens the door and this time he will see that he Do not say that the son is standing, seeing him, he starts annoying and asks where you went, you do not understand anything, while you should think about how it can benefit from staying out overnight

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My brother says that I had stopped because of some compulsion, while the father was saying you have no compulsion. Your habit has been spoiled till you keep doing this, you will never be able to do anything in life so you will get used to it. Daddy should have to leave. Dad was not ready to listen to him. Maybe he wanted to tell something that mother thought there was something that son wants to say but father listening Not being a father did not listen to anything of his son and said that you should go now and go to sleep now. I will talk to you in the morning because now talking will not benefit you.

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My brother goes in and he falls asleep, he does not talk to anyone, he may even get angry, but his point is not heard because he does this every time, but I was feeling something different today He wanted to tell something but nobody had heard of him. Soon after, the mother comes to meet her son and says that you were saying something about something, tell me what is the matter, but I brother some states say that I now sleep I come to her father is in the morning do not want to talk to someone and say I want to talk to you

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My brother sat down and said that when you did not listen to me, I do not want to listen to you, only then father says that I understand that you always tell me some new thing that when I do not like it If you leave all your movements then it would be great if only my brother started saying that I do not want to talk to you because you do not want to listen to me. It says that I feel like it has something that you might not have heard yet

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You should think after that. Dad says that I do not want to listen to useless things. They go away. Mother said that you tell me what’s the matter. My brother starts to say that when I was coming back from college, Old sage, he was very old, he was running very difficult, he asked me about a place, when I heard the name of that place, I understood that this place is here 1 It’s a distance, it seems that it has gone wrong. Then I said that you go from here but there is not the place you are looking for, it seemed like I could see them less than the eyes. I started to say that I have gone wrong. I do not know anything at all about this city, if you can help me then it will be very good

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Upon listening to her, I said that I help you. I leave you at the place. I went to the place to leave them when I left them, it took a long time, the crowd was too much, due to which it was too late It happened when we arrived, he was a village about which he was coming from his daughter here and for some reason he got off the bus and he did not even know that when he got out in time and I On the way, I was roaming at the same station from where I had left, when I had met him, after leaving him, when I was coming back, it was too late and that’s why I reached home late, about which Dad was listening The mother did not want her to feel that her son was right because of the reason she had reached the delay, after that the mother spoke to her father and explained that it was late in this way come after Dad and say your frequent movement because it seems to me that should not have listened to you


My brother’s short story in english, But if you always follow the right path then your talk will always be heard, so always speak the truth in life, due to which you can be trusted, My brother’s short story in english, english stories, If you liked this story then you can share it even further.

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