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little story in english

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little story in english

Office Girl

little story in english, story of english, One day while working in the office, for the first time, the girl who worked on the front table, is very hard working on the front table, maybe no one does so much hard work, her purpose is to compile her work prematurely.


There was no information about him because of not having much talk, he was from the media family, nowadays there is nothing missing in the life of , the work and the house will be life in such a door. It does not matter for itself,


One day wondered why he could not talk to him, but it seemed that he should not be angry with this act, just thinking about this was not the courage to talk further.

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The next day faced a lot of difficulty in coming to the office, it was raining very fast today even when it is not needed when it is needed, but when it is not needed then it becomes so, due to the rains being delayed in the office But when the office came to lie down we were not enough people. Let us not be alone, who were lying and also,

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Just after reaching, the work started just like daily. The rainy season was also not taking the name of the stop and seeing the darkness, darkness was dark everywhere, due to the bad weather, it seemed that it was only on the night is,

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When the glance looked at that girl, she saw that she was again working in the office as if it seemed that the work is the main part of her life, it seemed as though the weather was not going to stop,

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While working became almost evening and the weather was the way of it, was past five in the evening and in the preparation of all people go, and a few minutes later everybody angle after having been slowly coming down,

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 time to complete stop wants, and she is the girl probably was still out, has to have asked to come and you go, just leaving for and things had started slowly and things turned out he only  your entire home Is in his house and he and his younger sister is studying younger sister and spends too she woke up,

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The person who is fully responsible for this is the person who knows how important the work is for him, his motive is only work, and thinking about something is too far away, now it has come to understand why he always unvoiced, why pain in his silence,

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The rain was also getting a little less. Now it was time to walk and we both did not have much of the journey; he went to the same unnamed street where he was also calling him from his office,


little story in english, story of english,  he spent time and after some days It was found that those people went to another city, maybe they would have got any job or they would have some work, I do not know, what else can we tell about this … Friends have learned a lot of responsibility,

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