Silver Wings kids english story

Silver Wings kids English story

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silver wings kids english story

kids english story, stories for kids, There was a poor old woman in a village and she had a son, old lady used to brood in the homes of others, because her son did nothing, there was a tree in front of her cottage.


One day a bird came over it and started talking to the old lady, give me water, it is very thirsty. The old lady gave her water. The bird said, thank you very much I was very thirsty. The old lady said we had only water It is only.


This is why we extinguish our thirst and when we are hungry drink this, because we do not have the money to eat good food nor wear clothes to wear the old lady gave a silver wings to the old lady and said Take it for you to have food and good clothes for yourself.

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The old woman was very happy and on that day both of her mother’s son ate good food and they got some money. The birds came from a while afterwards and then gave them a silver wings, thus the old woman took her small shop Lee on which his son began to sit and now he himself did not go to others to bathe in the pot.

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After a few days the bird came again and gave a silver wings; One day the old lady’s son started thinking that if this bird stopped coming to us then what would happen to us then she caught the bird and started refusing the bird Went.

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But he was biting his wings due to greed, his mother forbade him very much but he did not think the bird started saying you did it very wrong. The wings were earlier silver, but in a short while, they started flying there and he It’s as if there are other birds

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The boy said, ‘What has happened now, what will happen?’ Said the bird, ‘I had forbidden you, no longer will you come on such a day, the bird’s new feathers have come in a while and she went away for a few days after all the money she had. All over and

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kids english story, stories for kids, He started to fill his stomach as soon as he asked, so we have to say that we have to satisfy him. The desire for greater desire eliminates everything.

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