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good stories for kids

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good stories for kids

Fortune Faded

good stories for kids, english story, There was a big tree of a banyan in a forest; It was a batch under the banyan that made a rat bill and lived with his family. The rat and his family lived happily under the tree. One day where a frog came, the frog was very tired


He started to say to the rat, give me a little water to say the rat. It is okay you sit here. I have brought water for you. The frog took the water, said the rat. It is good to tell where you are so tired and where you live Where is your house


The frog said that I lived in a pond with my family a lot of water in the pond filled with water so that the water was so full that all the people of my family were flowing in it and I came to the other side by flowing here for several days Neither can anybody show any pond nor can they live without water

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I have not eaten anything for a long time if you give me something to eat then you will be very gracious. The rat came to eat something for him. He ate food and rested under the tree, cold cold air was under the tree.

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When he woke up the next day when he got up, the mouse said, ‘Will you make me friend,’ said Rat. Yes, why did not I say that I can not stay on this land for a long time. I have a habit of staying in water. Find a pond where I will be going

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good stories for kids, english story, But now I can not live without you too. You too will make your house the same, it will be very good to say the rat. It is fine. The rat searched a pond within two to four days with a tree on both sides where the frogs went there to stay in the pond And the rat started to live with his family by making a bill with him, the rat helped the frog with that trouble and gave it a new life.

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