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Fruit of penance

english stories to read, classic short stories, There was a king and a queen was neither a child of both. Both of them went to austerity and then found a son, but that was half human and half a snake. This thing was known to both the king and the queen that in the whole day, Definitely came in the form.


By the way, he could have lived as a human when he was younger, played as a child throughout the day, but in the night he slept as a snake. He gradually started growing up. The king began to say that he will marry his queen, how can we marry her It can become a snake, the king said that we must surely get married, otherwise what would everybody say in society?


The King made her marriage with a daughter. The queen said that you have to take care of one thing, do not ever come in a snake with your wife when she is out of the house, then you can become a snake.

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Rajkumar understood this thing well, but one day he did not go out of the house, and he became a snake in the house only, in his wife he saw him, and the loud snake snake snake heard it, both the king and the queen part Where did you say where is the wife said, this is what she saw on her. She said that the woman said kill her but the king did not say that this too will be the child of anybody and the king will not kill him Everyone has left.

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Because the king knew that he was his son. Later, when he came in the boy’s disguise, then what happened, the queen said, ‘Yes, a snake came and your wife was scared of seeing him.’ Will not come, gradually one day, one day, one day the boy’s wife told her servants that she should ask her husband to ask her husband

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When the boy came in the evening, his wife began to insist that what is your clan tell me what the boy said, you can ask me whatever you want but there is only one thing that will not ask because because after knowing you will repent greatly, the boy’s wife quits No, I do not know anything. Tell me just what is your tribe.
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If you are insisting then I will take you to the banks of Ganges on the night of my new moon, I will go and tell you at the night of Amavasya, both of the boys who went to the Ganga Ghat said. Now understand you do not ask me my clan, but the boy’s wife started insisting Do not tell me today, I will ask only by asking.

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The boy gradually started moving towards the river and started saying that you too would not ask, but his wife was leaving, the boy went to the river and after dipping a dip, he came in his snake form and said this is my real tribe.

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The boy’s wife started crying and forgiving me and forgive me and come back but boy said I will not come back anymore and I am going to go to the Ganges by saying so, the boy’s wife started crying at the Ganga Ghat He came here everyday and cried one old lady came there one day. She asked her daughter who are you and why do you come here?
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The boy’s wife said that I am the wife of the king’s son. My husband went inside the Ganges and was not coming back. The old lady was a siren. That speech is okay. I go inside the Ganges and ask him that he became an old woman and went inside the Ganges. Inside the guy who went there why did not you go out of the quote.
Talking to the boy, if I get the form of my human being then I will go, or else I will not go out of the snake form. After listening to such a thing, the siren came back and told the boy’s wife, you serve cow mother. Only mother will be happy, all will give you your husband back.

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The boy’s wife raised a dung broom, brooming under the cow every morning and serving him, Goumaata, happy with his service, tell you what you want. The boy’s wife said that my husband is in the Ganges, help me get it back. The cow called the mermaid And said her husband sent back the sage.
He will come only when his man’s form will not come, otherwise he will not come. Gautama and the sage sent him the form of a man. He came back, the King Rani Rajkumar and his wife began to laugh like before.

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english stories to read, classic short stories, This is the story of our true austerity and devotion. If we want to get anything, then we can get it in the same thing only then that thing gets us otherwise other wise.

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