Best New american horror story

Best New american horror story

It was not like seeing some people who did not know this, but when they heard the horror story, they knew what was happening with them, you would love this horror story, (Best New american horror story, american horror story series).

 New american horror story

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New american horror story

This is a new American story, for a long time a man used to do some strange things, nobody knew why he did it, but all the members at his house thought that this could be crazy It has happened, but it was not at all, something had happened in the child with him,


There was a very profound effect on his mind, he was playing with his friend one day, only when his friend dropped him down while knocking him down, when he fell down, he started refusing to play After that, his friend had fled from him, when he was going to his house, he heard a voice, he was afraid to hear that voice, now he had started worrying enough to go home,


He was running away from his house, he was shocked, he slept for a while, when his eyes were open, he had found a ghost in front of him, seeing him had a profound effect on his mind, When he went home, he was not going to talk to him, since then he had become like this, no one knew this thing, a friend of his who ran away from him had seen it all,


Because he had not gone, but was hiding to scare him, then he had seen all this when he told this story to his family, then no one had believed in his word, since then it is like this Always keeps looking, but does not say anything, because of which he is still in it, thinking about which he is always afraid, fear is also very terrible, it keeps us weak from inside until We all do not control it By this time, it will scare us like this,


It looks like he is always scared, no one knows that he looks ghost, whenever he sees that, he starts to feel scared, because of that fear he runs away. And then stops, but he thinks how to get rid of this fear,


We can not understand anyone’s point of view, we feel that he is a madman, but in reality he does not have to be seen, so we can only know about someone by thinking, such things in life We get to see some things we know and some do not, so to understand someone, we must first understand it, then we should reach something,


There are ghosts in life that do not even appear, but they are always afraid of us. That is why we are afraid of their name too, if we feel in the darkness that someone is there, then we understand that ghost Let’s take it, we also fear from the sound of the light breeze, maybe the ghost is the name of the ghost,

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